Table: Quotas including current and historical balances

Filter on the following fields

The 6 digit code that identifies this quota and which must be used on declarations to access the quota.

Human-readable descriptions of each geographical area or area group that the quota is available to, separated by a pipe character.

Human-readable descriptions of all the of the HS4 headings that the quota applies to, separated by a pipe character.

All of the CN10 commodity codes that this quota applies or has applied to.

The units that the quota volume is measured in.

If the quota volume represents an amount of money, the currency that the volume is expressed in.

A human-readable description of the purpose of this quota.

The status of the quota at the moment this file was generated, which is one of: "Future" if the quota period has not yet started, "Exhausted" if the quota balance is empty, "Closed" if the quota period has ended without emptying, "Critical" if the quota's balance has dropped below it's criticality threshold, or "Open" if the quota is currently available to use.

A decimal number representing the initial balance that the quota is opened with.

A decimal number representing the current or final balance that the quota has.

A decimal number between 0 and 1 representing the current proportion of balance used. If the balance is currently higher than the initial volume, this is capped at zero.